Have you been to seminar after seminar, read all the self help books. followed a spiritual teacher or path, participated in many hours of talk therapy, and still feel there is something either wrong with you or missing from your life? Are you frustrated that everyone else seems to be getting “it” but not you?

Are you feeling stuck in a relationship, habits or situations and just cannot do anything constructive to make new choices in your behaviors?

Do you ask yourself, what is wrong with me that I know what I need to do, but I seem stuck and cannot remember to do anything differently?

Do you beat yourself up because you think you should be different than you are, you should be able to put the new behaviors and choices into place already, and you don’t?

In the process of the EMPATHY and EFT sessions you will experience some or all of the following:

  • easily and effortlessly explore the judgments and criticisms of yourself and others without painful analysis, and understand how they can actually serve you
  • find yourself looking back with gratitude on all the situations you have gone through
  • RECOGNIZE, UNDERSTAND AND RELEASE deep patterns that have kept you from fulfillment, allowing you to thrive and make conscious choices.
  • approach difficulties and inner conflicts with curiosity rather than dread, with compassion rather than distress.
  • learn to be compassionate with yourself and develop skills to be comfortable in the midst of inner conflicts and concerns.
  • learn to witness and appreciate your thoughts instead of being held hostage by them.

You will realize through this work that you are not broken and do not need to be fixed- that you are ok even though you are not perfect. And that the key to life is compassionately embracing yourself (even when you are feeling hurt or triggered)- and then you can hold the same space for others.

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